1. Dirick this reminded me of you

    Dirick this reminded me of you

  2. merkkultra:

    do men have resting bitch faces as well or do they not have negative characteristics ascribed to them for putting on a neutral rather than a deliriously happy facial expression

  3. "We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love."
    Lori Deschene (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
  4. fedswatching:

    pour one out to the neopets we left for dead


  5. azaleatovvn:

    oh my god, you’ve been pregnant for so long… it seems like a maternity

  6. "Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured."

    Unknown  (via fuckinq)

    There are so many people I wish I could say this to.

    (via goldenadagio)

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